Skill Development


Insight Tutoring Center offers workshops to help develop skills to make you a better student. We will work with
you on developing better study skills, note-taking skills, and/or organizational skills.
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Study Skills & Test-Taking Strategies

We can work with you to develop better, more efficient ways to study. These techniques can be applied to
any course, at any grade level. We will discover your learning style, and then work to find the manner
in which you learn best!

Note-Taking Skills

Effective and efficient notetaking is the key to success. We can help provide a variety of techniques to improve your notetaking skills. This includes a variety of formats for notes that can be used to organize thoughts and make studying more productive.

Organization & Time Management Skills

For many students, a great deal of stress is derived from a lack of organization and time-management. We can work with you to get you organized, and find workable solutions to keep you that way. We can also work to help manage your time, so that you can become a more productive student.